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Get the locks you've always dreamed of using the most popular hair extension methods around!


The tape-in method is the latest and most innovative hair extension method currently available on the market. Application is quick. No tools, heat or chemicals are needed and the hair is reusable. Secret Layers uses medical grade strong adhesive to provide a long lasting wear. This is the most requested hair extension method today because this method is damage-free, lightweight, undetectable to the touch, comfortable and extremely durable. These extensions will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks before needing a maintenance appointment depending on how fast your hair grows. Easy install and easy removal without any damage to your natural tresses. 



Micro-ring extensions are one of the least damaging methods being used today as they do not demand the use of glue, braiding, heat application, chemical use or sewing. Micro-rings are individual strands of hair that are applied to your own hair in 1cm sections. They are held in place using a small silicone lined ring which acts as a cushion to prevent hair breakage. The ring is slid onto your hair, then a pre-tipped individual extension strand is inserted into the micro ring. It's then clamped shut to secure the extensions using a micro ring extension tool. On average these extensions will last anywhere from 3-5 months. Tightening can be done every 4 weeks if needed. 



Hot Fusion is one of the most popular methods out there today. Individual strands of extension hair is bonded to very small sections of your natural hair with a melted keratin based bonding polymer. Keratin is a natural protein found in human hair leaving this method the strongest yet kindest attachment resin currently available. Keratin resin can be easily removed causing no damage to your own hair. These bonds are coloured similarly to your hair extensions leaving them virtually undetectable. These extensions will last anywhere from 5-6 months.​



Nano-links are currently the hottest trend in the hair extension industry due to it's safe and advanced technology. These links are 90% smaller than any other extension method on the market providing the worlds most discreet extension system. This method allows for gentle application without the use of  adhesives, heat, glue, sewing or braiding. Using pliers, a link the size of the tip of a pen is clamped shut onto your natural hair and the extension. Our Remy Nano-Link Hair Extensions are extremely lightweight, comfortable and undetectable. The nano-link method will last anywhere from 3-5 months.



Clip-In Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for a quick and easy change of hairstyle. You can use them to simply add length, volume and colour to your own hair. They are temporary and very easy to apply. Secret Layers offers customized clip-in extensions. They are made with pressure sensitive clips so they do not cause damage to your natural hair. And they are specifically made to fit your head measurements leaving you with the most comfortable and natural look possible. These beauties can transform your look by giving you longer, fuller hair in a matter of minutes.


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